Covenant Summary

Highlights of Courtyards Covenants

(refer to original copy of Declaration of Covenants for explanations)


Construction additions and remodeling needs board approval
Fences, hedges, and walls needs board approval
Planting not in keeping with original planting needs board approval
Changing color – any part of dwelling or roof needs board approval
Trailer, tent, or outbuildings not permitted
Unsightly and unkempt condition of dwelling not permitted


Garage doors OPEN for other than entering or leaving not permitted
Short term street parking for visitors, day help Permitted
Service vehicles while providing service Permitted
Parking of resident’s trucks, vans or RV Not permitted
(park only in garages, not areas of public view)
ALL DAY street parking Not permitted
ALL NIGHT street parking Not permitted
The five(5) areas for parking of visitors and houseguests
1. Owner’s driveway
2. Recessed parking areas
3. Right side of cul du sac ends
4. Left side of street leading to pool
5. Spaces near pool