Our Community

The Courtyards of Vinings is a community of sixty-eight free-standing town homes nestled into the hills at the base of Vinings Mountain. Though the first homes were built in 1988 and the last ones completed in the late 1990’s, the community remains a secluded and private oasis, “a hidden jewel,” less than a five minute walk from Vinings Jubilee, the open-air shopping center in the center of Vinings village.

Though a management company helps with day to day operations, community affairs are managed by a five-person Board of Directors, at least two of whom rotate off the board every two years. This rotation helps ensure that the Board reflects the changing make-up of the community and the evolving needs of the homeowners.

The Board sponsors several events throughout the year, including a “Sip & Dip”party held twice a year at the community pool. In addition the board sends e-mails to all residents following the board meetings and e-mails community alerts on an as-needed basis.

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